One Particular Fish!

The humble Namasu, or Japanese Common Catfish, has been a species nosotros bring wanted to come across for a long time. This trip to Nihon provided a small-scale window of chance to fulfil this want in addition to nosotros jumped at the chance. This Catfish lives inwards urban waterways in addition to are known to live on to a greater extent than active during the nocturnal hours. Whilst hunting other species similar the Snakehead in addition to Bass, nosotros were hopeful of catching 1 past times gamble simply that didn't hap in addition to hence nosotros had to stem this critter after dark.

We were brought to a location which our guides knew they hung out. It was completely night past times the fourth dimension nosotros arrived simply nosotros set our casts inwards none the less...

This is the result, a beautiful specimen of this Catfish nosotros listen in addition to watch in addition to hence much about. It was the 1 fish which cruel for the tardily worked popper which mimicked a struggling prey on the surface in addition to later near the whole location down...

One of the best lures nosotros know for this type of travel is the FEED Lures BULB8, a manus crafted timber popper which walks likewise every bit it pops. It is perfect for these tiresome applications where activity is primal to mimic a struggling discipline for these hunters to dwelling inwards on...

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