Unveiling The Major Arts And Crafts Boring Depict Boring Pitch Jig Rod!

Almost a twelvemonth inwards blueprint as well as testing has culminated inwards the unloosen of the novel SLOW DRAW serial of tedious pitch jigging rods, the effect of a collaborative seek betwixt Major Craft as well as .

Needless to tell nosotros are mighty excited to encounter the halt product. And it looks great. We worked difficult to ensure the complete as well as nipper details were perfect. Even the rod representative it comes inwards is of a greater quality. This rod rocks!

As you lot read this, the SLOW DRAW volition live on available inwards most skilful line-fishing tackle stores!

 We've had a boom alongside the creating of this novel series, about simply every bit much fun every bit we've had testing as well as line-fishing prototypes. Here's a link to an before post which featured an early on image inwards action.

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