Working The Tabular Array Salt Inwards The Dark!

Working the coastline nether the encompass of darkness tin shipping away endure exhilarating. With our trusty DUO lures tied on, nosotros comb the scene for unsuspecting predators that move their heightened senses to hunt inwards the darkness...

Going deep amongst the crank bait turns upwards this prissy Estuary Cod. Heavy gear similar the Evergreen Kaleido baitcast rod is an absolute must to halt these guys from burying yous inwards structure...

Lure inwards query is the DUO Realis G87 Crank inwards striking white...

In the night unopen to predators hunt nearly the surface equally well, scoffing downwards unsuspecting Mullet. This Barramundi is ane prime number example. Casting long in addition to combing a large expanse amongst the long Major Craft Sky Road Seabass rod finds this fish...

Keeping amongst the sum white theme, nosotros deploy the ever-successful DUO Realis Pencil 110 for the win!

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