Night Crawling!

There's only something alluring virtually working that surface lure inwards pitch darkness as well as to cause got the glassy quiet punctuated past times an explosive take. Takes a potent heart!

Species inwards question? The humble Walking Catfish, maligned past times many but gilded to those inwards the know. Surface line-fishing inwards the however of the nighttime has made a novel hero...

Surface crawlers don't expire whatsoever improve than the lithe DUO Realis Shunmushi cicada imitation...

Bigger ones tin hold upwards a handful on the ultralight gear similar this Major Craft Go-Emotion Bait Finesse rod outfit. Some large ones are lost to straightened hooks as well as the like...

The DUO Realis Flatside crank is a wakebait extraordinaire. When worked ultra dull it creates the most unsuspecting shimey that won't hold upwards resisted past times fifty-fifty the most cautious of fish...

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