Burmese Trout!

One tiny shallow stream, 1 ultra lite rod inwards hand, 1 objective. That's to fool 1 of these petty critters to bite. Not the easiest affair inwards the world. The mystical Burmese Trout has been elusive thence far simply today nosotros travel out a expert shot.

Not the best of H2O conditions, the extremely depression levels induce got forced the fish to migrate. But all nosotros need is 1 bite...

With the DUO Tetraworks Toto 42 tide on it didn't induce got likewise long...

Not a large 1 simply a Burmese Trout none the less. Unfortunately it would travel the 1 together with solely 1 for the 24-hour interval of a grand casts. But nosotros did it!

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