Micro Jigging At Its Best!

Micro Jigging is simply nearly equally much fun equally 1 tin accept with rod inward hand. Here nosotros spent a twenty-four hr menstruation on the H2O for a typical twenty-four hr menstruation chasing pelagics with tiny jigs nosotros telephone telephone Micro. These jigs hit betwixt v to 25 grams in addition to are worked with ultralight outfits dedicated to getting these pocket-size jigs downwards in addition to getting fish to the boat.

On this twenty-four hr menstruation nosotros encountered enough of Long Fin Trevally but were pleasantly surprised past times roughly Diamond Trevallies, Blue Runners, Hard tail Scads, Queenfish in addition to fifty-fifty Spotted Mackeral equally well. We
had a adventure to exam out roughly novel paradigm rods from the FEED stable amongst the benchmark which is the Go-Emotion Micro Jig particular past times Major Craft.

Jigs that deserve advert are the IMA Gun Peki, FEED FLIP, Jackall Raspateen in addition to the construct novel Drag Metal Cast jig past times DUO. These jigs produced all the fish nosotros encountered on the day. It was a worthy bounty in addition to it had everyone spent past times the end...

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